Make XP Look Like Vista

Despite Windows Vista being out for a few months now, not everyone is ready or willing to make the big “switch” just yet.  Some people are waiting for the time to buy a new PC, some are not upgrading because their hardware isn’t up to it, and some well…..just don’t want to.  Well there’s nothing wrong with wanting to stick with XP for a while, but maybe you would like to change the “look” of XP to more of a Vista “style”.  The interest in making Windows XP look like Vista has been going on for a while, but I get asked to this day what is the best ways to change the desktop to look more like Vista.  Some want just the visual style changed, and some want the entire look and feel of their desktop changed to reflect Vista.  So I’m going to show you how to get a Vista-like desktop on Windows XP with minimal effort.

Changing the visual style

For this you will need WindowBlinds.  It will allow you to safely and easily change the visual style of XP to any one of the thousands of skins available.  It’s available stand-alone or part of the Object Desktop suite.  There seems like a countless number of Vista skins are available for download, some even caught the attention of Microsoft and had to be removed.  So for today’s guide I am going to use a Vista skin that will give you the Vista “look” and takes advantage of WindowBlinds features.  These are two of my personal favorites.

Download and apply your skin to change the visual style of XP.  For a little more information on how and what WindowBlinds does you can read this article here, or watch the video tour of WindowBlinds.  Now that the visual style is done, lets find a nice wallpaper.  While there is not a definitive wallpaper for Vista, I’m going to use one that is popular and goes with the Vista theme. 

WindowBlinds has a built-in wallpaper changer that makes it easy to change your wallpaper, but you can apply it like any other wallpaper.  There is a huge gallery of wallpapers in the WinCustomize galleries, so you can browse there and find one that suits you best.  So far we have changed the visual style and wallpaper and what a big difference we have made already.  Take a look at the normal XP desktop and the one we just created. 

Read the complete guide here.


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