DeskScapes 1.01 Released – Introducing Dynamic Dreams!

For the past month, Windows Vista Ultimate users have been enjoying the benefits of the Stardock DeskScapes, an extension Microsoft DreamScene (an extra given only to owners of Vista Ultimate Edition).  DeskScapes took basic DreamScenes one step further by allowing authors to retain credit for their work through the use of the .Dream format.  Anyone who made a video could attach their name to it, a brief description, and a link back to their website.  In addition to giving artists the ability to receive credit and recognition for their work, we also launched the community site, the premier site on the web for Dreams on Windows Vista.

However, providing a basic by-line and a link for artists wasn’t all DeskScapes would do.  From the beginning we have been working to not only allow users to play videos on their desktop, but also be able to run  triggered content that could change based on time of day, local weather, or other set events, not to mention dynamically generated content, rendered on-the-fly on their system.  A looping video is cool, but what about a rotating planet Earth that accurately shows where it is currently day or night?  Or maybe a lake scene that changes from day to night based on your computer clock?

Read more at the article below.



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