ObjectDock 1.9 released

Stardock has released ObjectDock 1.9.  ObjectDock is a free program that adds a configurable, skinnable dock to Windows.  Once installed, users can add short-cuts, display running tasks, and add mini-applets called docklets to their docks that can display weather information, time, system info, or much anything else.

ObjectDock 1.9 adds a host of new features including a Start menu docklet (for bringing up the real Start menu in the system tray), live thumbnail previews on Windows Vista, a new weather docklet, minimize and restore effects on Windows Vista, free-form screen positioning, a new graphics engine for massively better performance, reduce memory requirements, new tileable dock backgrounds, and much more.

ObjectDock is a free download at http://www.objectdock.com.  Stardock also has ObjectDock Plus which adds support for multiple docks, tabbed docks, system tray support, additional mouse-over effects and more.

Article: ObjectDock gets a facelift
 Screenshot: Tileable dock backgrounds
 Screenshot: Start Menu docklet
 Screenshot: ObjectDock explained
Download: ObjectDock 1.9


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