The Jing Project

I got an e-mail last week introducing the Jing Project from Techsmith, the creators of great software such as SnagIt and Camtasia Studio.

So what is Jing? It’s basically an application that lets you take a quick screenshot or video capture, edit it, save it, or upload it to

Once Jing is started it places a small dock-like object on the side of your screen where you can access the controls. You then select all or part of your screen to be recorded, then decide whether you want a video recording, or just an image capture. From there you have a few options such as the ability to add text and arrows.

So far it is working great, and is a great utility for someone who needs to take a quick video of their desktop, without needing the full power of something like Camtasia. I’d like to see the UI changed a bit, and having the ability to upload to a site like Flickr would make this application really rock.

This is something I’m definitely keeping an eye on and I recommend giving it a shot. It’s free… why not?



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