Xbox 360 Wireless Headset….Broken

I am a big fan of my Xbox 360.  I bought it just a few months after launch and have been happily playing ever since.  My overall favorite game to play is Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.  I have rarely played the single player campaign, but so what, multiplayer is where it’s at.

So this past Fathers Day my kids surprised me with a brand new wireless headset for the Xbox 360.  Great, no more wires to deal with!  It worked fine and I was actually going to write a review about it after giving it a thorough workout for the past couple of months.

Well the other night I was up playing BF and all of a sudden the headset started with a high pitch noise that just wouldn’t go away.  I tried all the standard troubleshooting techniques like using another controller, reconnecting, etc.  Nothing seems to work.  I can’t tell if its some kind of interference or if it’s some kind of defect.

The real problem is I can’t find my receipt, and Microsoft won’t accept it for repair unless you have the receipt showing date of purchase.  So I’m basically out of luck, which is a shame because I really liked this headset….when it was working.  I doubt I will be spending $60 to replace it anytime soon.


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