iPhone 1.0.1 Update Released

Along with a security update for OS X, Apple also released 0706iphone_maina “security fix” update for the iPhone.  There wasn’t too many specifics about this fix except that it was to patch a few security issues including one that supposedly was going to be released at the coming Black Hat convention.

This update doesn’t offer any new applications or widgets on the iPhone like the ones that were reported earlier this week.  Reading through many forums last night, many users have reported the Safari crashing issue has been correct, and several users have also claimed that the volume level has slightly increased.

While it’s hard to actually say for sure the volume was somehow  updated, I have noticed the speaker phone volume on my iPhone “sounds” like it has increased a bit.  One of my biggest gripes about the iPhone was the low volume on the speaker phone.

Hopefully today we will get a little more info about this update, but I hope we see another update in the future that gives us some more widgets and fixes for other issues such as the e-mail problems.


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