TweakVista 1.1 Released

Stardock has released Tweakvista 1.1.  TweakVista has become one of the most popular tweaking tools for Windows Vista.  It lets users safely "tweak" various Vista system settings to let users get Vista running to their desired preference. 

TweakVista 1.1 is merely the first step on the journey to let users start tweaking Vista themselves.  Here’s what’s new:

  • Snapshots. This is a basic feature that lets people mess with things in a lot safer way. It’s more useful in many respects than "Microsoft System Restore" because what it does is pinpoint changes to what’s loading on start up. The snapshot feature lets people pin-point apps that are causing problems and be easily eliminated.
  • Process Exploration. Resource Page now has a services tab so that all those "svchost.exe" processes can be easily looked at to see what they’re really doing.
  • Service Explorer. It’s not hard to look at services in Vista if you know what you’re doing. TweakVista, however, lets users easily manage what services are running and includes a way for each service to be part of a web forum thread where users can discuss in depth each service and why they do or don’t need it.
  • Locked File Query. Ever have a file that you can’t delete or modify because it’s in use by some other program? Now you can find out which program is doing that and terminate it.




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