Vista Skinning – The Past Year and What’s Ahead

Since it has been over a year that Vista has been released, we have seen the customization of Windows Vista slowly, but surely start to take hold.  Skinning had a rough start with Vista for several reasons, but one of the main ones was that not everyone was rushing out to put Vista on their PC’s.  Then of course, people had to learn how to customize Vista, which at the time it was a bit limited.  I would get so many questions on a daily basis from users from dozens of forums asking about what Stardock "had up its sleeves".

WindowBlinds 5.5 was launched in March of last year, and finally gave those users a means to change their visual styles, and even use their favorite ones from XP.  When WB 5.5 was released I heard from hundreds of users who claimed Vista will be the end of WindowBlinds because Aero is so "perfect". 

At the same time we had the .msstyle advocates drooling over a hack that allowed non-signed Vista themes to be used.  While Vista .msstyles had a brief period of popularity, people seemed to quickly lose interest in themes that were nothing but re-colored Aero mods.  That really wasn’t the fault of people who were making the visual styles, it’s just that the limitations of Vista really doesn’t allow much beyond that.

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Classic by Stardock Design


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