JoeUser 2 Launches!

JoeUser 2 has officially launched.  While there still are a few things to work out on the site, it’s pretty much ready to go.  Here is an excerpt of the announcement which sums JoeUser up pretty well.

As part of the massive forum & database upgrade last week, we finally launched the new version of

Originally launched in fall of 2003, JoeUser took a unique approach to blogging.  Instead of having users sign up and create blogs that existed in a vacuum, so only they and people they specifically gave the link to would ever read it, JoeUser took a community approach to it.  Based off of our success in building communities such as WinCustomize, and surrounding our games like Galactic Civilizations, we created a site where what you posted was highlighted and promoted to other users visiting the site.  The front page had articles featured by site admins which were particularly popular or insightful, and every user could keep tabs on the newest articles and most active discussions via the site sidebar.

But nearly 5 years later, the site had grown long in the tooth.  It was slow, unstable, and virtually impossible to maintain/update.  So we set aside some time and resources to give it a complete overhaul.

Now, after months of development, we launched the site to the public.  While we’re still ironing out a few kinks here and there, the launch so far has been a great success.  Stability, speed and expandability have seen huge improvements.  We’re also getting closer to being competitive on a feature-by-feature basis with some of the most popular blogging sites out there.  All while retaining the community focus that made JoeUser a success in the first place.

If you are looking for a great place to blog, and join others in this great community, then come on over and sign up.



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