WinCustomize Forum Smiley Contest

If you like designing emoticons and forum smileys, then here is a contest you might want to enter.  Over at we have done a forum makeover, but one thing we haven’t changed is the forum smiley faces.  So we decided to turn to the community and let you have a shot at creating the next set of forum smiley sets for us.  The winner will receive a subscription to Object Desktop

Here are the details:

  • All smileys should be 24x24px
  • Individual smileys should be in .png format
  • You must be able to provide the original Photoshop/Corel/Fireworks/Whatever file used to create the images
  • You must, at a minimum, recreate all the smileys already on the site, plus the ones found here.  You are however free to make more.
  • All smileys should match/have a theme (no pink dinosaur smiley mixed in with a blue alien smiley)
  • For new smileys, suggest appropriate text representations

You have until Friday, March 7th to enter.  And entering is as simple as making a post on this thread with a preview shot of all of your smileys.  We’ll pick the winners the following week.

Post your entries at this link:



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