Take a Tour of MyColors – Change your Desktop Themes

MyColors from Stardock is something you probably have been reading a lot about recently.  The new MyColors Theme Manager has a slick new interface, and should now work seamlessly with other customization components such as Object Desktop.  A question I am often asked is…"what is the difference between MyColors and something like WindowBlinds?"

Well are are some fundamental differences, but remember that MyColors uses the technology from products like WindowBlinds and IconPackager.  The real big difference is MyColors is basically an all-in-one solution for customizing your desktop.  Whereas with applications like WindowBlinds and IconPackager, you use each application independently and pick and choose the themes and skins you want to use.  This is not a bad thing at all, but MyColors offers an ease of use, especially for people who do not want to have to install multiple pieces of software to personalize their desktop, or are not that familiar with desktop customization.

MyColors includes all the skinning technology, so all you have to worry about is which themes you want to use.  MyColors themes typically include a new visual style, icon package, wallpapers, and several gadgets like media players and weather displays.

Read full article at WinCustomize


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