MyColors 2.5 Released – Free ‘Think Green’ Included

If you like to customize the look of your Windows PC, but are not sure about all the software needed to achieve the look you want, then you should take a look at MyColors 2.5 from Stardock.  MyColors changes your Windows visual style, icons, wallpaper, and even adds gadgets to your desktop. These gadgets can range from media players to weather forecast gadgets depending on the theme.  It doesn’t modify any system files and enables users to easily switch between themes and back to default Windows with just a few clicks.

MyColors has teamed up with the NBA, NCAA, NHL, Ford, GM, and many others to offer licensed themes for sports teams, cars, etc.  With the new release of MyColors 2.5, a new ‘Think Green’ theme has been released which has a smooth look with cool animations.  There are other free themes available for download and others can be purchased.

MyColors 2.5 is compatible with both Windows XP and Vista.

Link: MyColors 2.5

MyColors Think Green Theme

MyColors 2.5


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