Help Shape the Development of Stardock’s Impulse

Impulse, the next-gen of digital distribution platforms, continues to grow, and there are so many ideas and features that are being floated around, it’s almost crazy.  However, one thing that we at Stardock take pride in is listening to our customers and even potential customers on how to improve upon what we have built.  Community feedback has played a big role in shaping how game updates have been made, and now we can do the same thing in regards to the future of Impulse.

Brad Wardell wrote a more extensive article on this, so I wanted to make sure that everyone takes a moment and gives it a read.  Basically, you have the power to help change and shape the future of development regarding Impulse, and we want your feedback!

Link: Yes folks, you have the POWER!

Link: Impulse Suggestion thread.

Stardock's Impulse (My Desktop)


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