Object Desktop 2009 Released

Stardock has released the 2009 edition of its popular desktop experience suite Object Desktop. Object Desktop is a set of utilities that enables users to completely transform the desktop experience of Windows XP or Windows Vista.

Object Desktop includes 6 utilities that focus on enhancing a particular aspect of Windows. These are:

*DeskScapes (animated wallpaper for XP!)
*BootSkin Pro (Bootskins for Vista)
*Theme Manager
*MyColors Themes

Theme Manager also includes a brand-new desktop suite created by Stardock called Aero Midnight that replaces the Windows GUI, icons, wallpaper and adds gadgets. For Windows XP users, they get an enhanced Windows Vista look. Windows Vista users get an enhanced Aero look that adds 2 years of usability feedback to the Windows Vista experience.

Users can get more information about Object Desktop directly from its website at www.objectdesktop.com.



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