Get Ready for the “Find the Stardog” Contest

We have a new contest we are launching next week, and your mission will be to find Stardock’s new mascot, Stardog.  

This contest is a scavenger hunt, and will be played as followed:

The first clue will always be shown on the Stardog page. Clues are identified by an image of Stardog hidden somewhere on the page. To reveal the clue, click on the image of Stardog, and he will give you a hint for your next destination, where you will need to look for his new hiding spot.

Once you have found the final clue and solved it, you will be asked to enter your Impulse account information. This information will be sent to the prize department and they will contact you with information on how to receive your prize. The dynamic chart will show how many contestants have found each clue and when the daily winner has completed the hunt. Once the winner has been found, the hunt will end for that day.

What do you get for this adventure?  Well each day a winner will get a $100 gift certificate which they can spend on anything in the Impulse Store.  The contest will run from December 15-19, and will start each day at 12pm EST.

In order to participate, you must register an Impulse account.  If you don’t already have one, follow the link below and get yourself setup.

Get all the other rules and information at the Stardog website at


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