IGN Blog: Why We Fight

The latest Demigod blog on IGN is up, and I think the title alone is reason enough to read.  This blog gives a great intro into the story of Demigods, and of course, why they fight. 

“Demigod is a strategy game that adds a host of action RPG elements such as item purchasing, spells, battle experience and much more in order to add a new dimension of skill and excitement for players of real-time strategy games.

Because of Demigod’s RPG roots, the question arises, why are these Demigods fighting? What is their ultimate goal? The short answer is simple: Godhood. The long answer has a great deal more to it. “

That’s all you are going to get from me, now head over to IGN and check out the rest.

Link: Demigod – Why We Fight



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