WindowBlinds 6.4 Released

Stardock is excited to announce the release of WindowBlinds 6.4.  WindowBlinds is an application that allows users to change the complete look and feel of both Windows XP and Windows Vista using skins, also called “visual styles”.  WindowBlinds does not alter system files, so it’s completely safe to use, and it uses the latest in hardware acceleration features so it will not affect your PC’s performance.

Aside from just changing the visual style, WindowBlinds gives you control over them by allowing users to change the colors of the skin, adjust opacity and blur levels, change skin fonts, change Explorer window backgrounds, and much more.

What’s new and updated in WindowBlinds 6.4:

  • Support for glass menu bars on Windows Vista
  • Support for a different mouseover image on the right hand side of the Start Menu
  • Control over the background color of the Start Menu "Programs" list
  • Double clicking the top left of a per pixel window will now close it on Windows Vista
  • Control over the search box text color & font
  • Better control over the Start Menu fonts & colors
  • New section to allow a custom mouseover image used on the "Programs" link on Vista versus the legacy solid color
  • Start button overlay now supports animation

WindowBlinds is part of the Object Desktop suite of desktop enhancement, and is also available stand-alone for $19.95.  Visit for a free trial download.

2-11-2009 12-13-22 PM


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