Demigod v1.01 Released!

Stardock has released an updated version of Gas Powered Games popular PC action/strategy game Demigod today.  In Demigod, players take on the role of a powerful demigod whose objective is to defeat similarly powerful opponents in a quest to ascend into the pantheon of the gods.

The game features single player tournaments and skirmish as well as a persistent on-line tournament where players can compete in ranked or unranked games in a variety of ways. 

The new version of Demigod has focused largely on significantly improving the on-line experience of Demigod based on player feedback.

Version 1.01 includes a host of new features and improvements to the game including:

  • Improved on-line connectivity
  • Significantly improved computer AI
  • Better in game detection between those who quit a game versus those who get disconnected
  • Reduced bandwidth requirements
  • More robust storing of online statistics (favor points, achievements, rankings, etc.)
  • Better queuing of player actions in game.
  • Lots of misc. improvements

Demigod users can download the new version via Impulse.  Demigod is available at most retail outlets worldwide or via Impulse ( for $39.95. 

To learn more about Demigod, visit


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