Summer Project – Windows Home Sever

One of the highlights of the summer was moving into our new, and first house!  Once we were settled I was able to start a few projects I have wanted to get done, but was sidetracked by things like….well….moving.  The first project I tackled was setting up a Windows Home Server box.  I setup WHS test box a month or so before, mainly to check it out and see if it was worth the effort of building a full setup.  Well it was.

The best part was that it was fairly inexpensive.  I keep a box full of spare and extra parts from PC upgrades, so I essentially had enough to build a decent PC to install WHS on.  The only thing I purchased was a new case which was much smaller than the one I was originally using.


Installations and setup of Windows Home Server was pretty smooth, the only issue was getting the network drivers working, but that was a minor issue, and before I knew it, the server was up and running.  I spent the next day configuring it and adding some cool add-ins.  My favorite so far is Lights Out,  which is basically a power management plug-in which can be used to put the server in hibernation or shut down during hours it will not be used.


Overall, I’m very happy with the setup.  I did upgrade to a new 1TB hard drive, and I’m looking for a more energy-efficient power supply.  Having automatic backups, and shared folders I can access from virtually anywhere is worth the time invested in this project. 


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