This Week in Desktop Customization – July 10th

It seems Friday has snuck up on me without much warning.  The time just flew by this week.  We are in the middle of summer, and it seems quite a few of you are on vacation, but that is usual for this time of year.  I hope you enjoy it, and look forward to your works when you get back.

But not everyone is taking a break, we still have some skinners out there that take no breaks!

Now for this weeks picks!

Cubik by B2R

A very cool idea for a cursor.  It has some cool animations, and any Rubiks fan should love it.

Blue Flow by CarGuy1

Dreams like this are some of my personal favorites.  Nice blue color with smooth animations. 
Beach by Iconshock_web_icons

It’s summer, so why not show it off with some “cool” icons from the beach.

Lazy Days 3 by boss0190

This is a just an nice and relaxing wallpaper to have on the desktop.  Great job.

Confusion by Vervi59

Beautiful design with a great mix of colors.

Rock Angel by Vampothika

You can expect a beautiful and creative skins from Vampothika.  Once again, she delivers another fantastic WindowBlinds skin.


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