WinCustomize Summer ‘09 Wallpaper Contest

We haven’t a skinning contest in a while, and since this summer is literally heating up, I thought a wallpaper competition would fit right in and be fun.  The premise is simple, create a Summer wallpaper with your interpretation of the summer.  It could be vacations, tropical islands, scenery, the sun, etc., it just needs to have that “summer” feel to it.  How you create it is up to you.  3D, vector, drawing……show us what you got!

Remember, this is about quality, not quantity.  WinCustomize moderation will still be in effect, however, wallpaper submitted to personal pages will still be judged.  We want to see your brightest ideas for a summer inspired wallpaper and help others put their desktop on vacation!

WinCustomize Summer ‘09 Wallpaper Contest

  • Starts today and ends at noon on Friday, August 7, 2009.
  • Wallpapers for this contest must be submitted to WinCustomize first before being uploaded anywhere else.  New creations only!  All entries must have #summer09 in the title.  Example: My Summer Wallpaper – #summer09
  • Previews must be at least 1024×768.  Minimum wallpaper size is also 1024, and multiple resolutions are encouraged.
  • Entries will be judged by the WinCustomize staff, and winners will be announced soon after contest ends depending on how many entries come in.  Judging will be based on overall creativity, design, and interpretation of summer theme.
  • Employees of Stardock are not permitted to enter.  We reserve the right to reject any entry.


1st Place – Object Desktop Ultimate subscription (1 year), WinCustomize Subscription (1 year)

2nd Place – WindowBlinds 6 with free upgrade to 7 (when available)

3rd Place – 1 year subscription to


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