WindowBlinds 7 UI on a Netbook

As many of you have read before, I am a big fan and user of Netbooks.  Customizing them with new themes, icons, etc. really isn’t any different than any other type of PC, you just have smaller screen real estate to work with.  I have been using WindowBlinds 6 for a while with my Acer Netbook, and it runs great.  However, there was one small issue and that was the WindowBlinds configuration window wouldn’t always fit on the screen making it a bit difficult to navigate.  Several of you expressed the same issue.

No worries though, as the new UI for WindowBlinds 7 fits perfectly on a Netbook screen when maximized.

Here is a screenshot of mine.


As you can see it fills the screen completely and allows for easy navigation around the entire interface.  Windows 7 themes never looked so good on such a small screen.  I will be writing more articles about Netbooks very soon, so keep a look out.  Get more info about WindowBlinds at, and be sure to stop the WindowBlinds theme gallery on WinCustomize and check out some of the many themes you can use on your desktop.


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