FriendFeed Group for MS MVP’s

Social networks like Twitter and Facebook have really changed the way people communicate and share information.  Those are the two “big ones” that people often refer to, but there are others out there, and another popular one is FriendFeed.  FriendFeed mixes together all types of networks like Twitter, Flickr, blogs, etc. and offers a real-time stream of information.  Another feature that FriendFeed has is groups.  These are just areas where people can gather, post and interact about a particular subject.  There are tons out there, but there was one I couldn’t find.  That was a group for Microsoft MVP’s.

After not finding one, I went and created a group for MS MVP’s to interact.  There is a feed pulling info from the MVP twitter, and other members are free to post news and other information that might be of interest to other MVP’s.  This is obviously an un-official group, and is not endorsed by Microsoft, but I wanted to help other MVP’s find each other on social network sites.

You can find the FriendFeed group here –

Feel free to join the group!


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