Configuring Windows Home Server For Energy Savings

Having a Windows Home Server is a huge benefit for any home office, or family household for that matter.  One downside that was always on my mind while building a WHS was the power consumption, since servers are typically always-on machines.  However, WHS isn’t your average server and for most home users having it on all the time is unnecessary.  I can’t imagine the average user needs their WHS on during the middle of the night, but one of the advantages of having a home server is it’s supposed to be low maintenance.  I mean I certainly don’t want to keep turning it on and off manually, but there are other options.

I have praised Windows Home Servers ability to have add-ins before, and this is where setting up your WHS box to save energy comes easy.  The Lights Out add-in is one that every WHS user should have.  It’s just that useful.  It lets you set specific times and days for WHS to suspend or hibernate.  There’s no need for it to be powered on completely when there are times you know you won’t need it.  Of course if you do, it’s simple to wake the WHS machine.

Download Lights Out from here.

Once installed you will have a new icon in your WHS Console.  Setup is pretty straightforward and you can setup the time/day for hibernation via a calendar interface.  Just make sure the Windows Home Server has hibernation enabled.


Once you have your schedule configured, your Windows Home Server will go into hibernation and wake based your configured times.  This will reduce the energy consumption from your home server.  This is just one step that you can take to save some energy around your home when using a WHS machine.


4 responses to “Configuring Windows Home Server For Energy Savings”

  1. Marcus says :

    Awesome post, Spencer! Thanks so much for sharing this. I really need to dig deeper into WHS to learn more about these things and I appreciate your expertise and the fact you’re sharing these contributions through the Clubhouse.

  2. Spencer says :

    Thank you, Marcus!

  3. Joe says :

    Also use a core 2 Duo, a Green HDD and PWM fans. My W2K8 DC uses only 37-38W.

  4. Simon says :

    Few comments on this post: firstly I have a WHS from Tranquil PC in the UK which uses very little power, however I also run the BOINC client to use some of those ‘wasted’ cycles. A question though: WHS periodically ‘balances storage’. If you only run it for certain times of the day, does that matter or does it need to be on to do this balancing? I also run a thing called Karen’s Replicator to do backups in the night to a NAS so basically turning it off isn’t worth it for me.

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