Why Do I Use Windows Live Spaces for My Blog?

I have used all types of CMS and blogging services for the past few years.  Each has their own advantages, but for right now I have settled with using Windows Live Spaces for my main “non-work” blog.  Why?  Well two reasons specifically.  It’s easy to use, and it works well.  Now it does have its disadvantages.  The blog itself is not very customizable, and it can be very “cookie cutter” in appearance.  However, it works very well and even better when used with a great tool like Windows Live Writer. 

Of course a platform like WordPress is great, and the custom options are almost endless, but it can also be a hassle.  You have to make sure your theme works in all browser, you have to keep up to date with security patches for both WP and plug-ins.  I’d rather spend time doing what I enjoy, like actually writing.  I’m not trying to knock WordPress, I use it daily for other non-tech related blogs and it performs it job very well.  I have just been trying to find that perfect balance and simplicity when it comes to my tech writings, and for now Spaces does the trick.

That’s not to say I won’t change in the future, but I would love to see Microsoft dedicate more time to updating Live Spaces. 

I would like to hear your opinions on Spaces, and why you choose to use it, or do you prefer another platform such as WordPress.


2 responses to “Why Do I Use Windows Live Spaces for My Blog?”

  1. Mike says :

    I have used blogger.com in the past but it didn’t have a lot of templates to work with and they may have added some more. I do like the number of themes Spaces has and do like the functionality between Live Writer and the Spaces portal.

  2. Francis says :

    There are 75+ themes on WordPress.com but in order to have a "custom" theme, you first need a css upgrade. Then, you need to learn CSS. Painful these days!I also used Blogger (aka Blogspot), but I will never look back to it again. Their premade templates are bad, and whenever you add a custom one, your images go bad sometimes whenever there’s a high load or the pictures moved somewhere else.

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