Organize Icons on the Windows 7 Desktop

I like to keep my Windows desktop as clutter-free as possible, but with so many projects going on at one time it seems almost impossible to not have a desktop full of icons for one reason or another.  I have seen desktops with literally hundreds of icons on the desktop, and I can’t imagine how anyone can navigate through a mess like that.

I want to a share an application with you called Fences

Fences lets users organize icons into labeled areas on the desktop, letting you create “groups” of icons.  It can even hide all the icons on the desktop by a simple double-click to always have a clean desktop, and only show the icons when needed.


This is especially useful for Netbook users as screen real estate is much smaller.  You can also customize its appearance by adjusting the opacity, and there are even controls that allow you color the Fence. 

Fences is free as a beta, and a free and Pro version with enhanced features will be available soon.  Although I did focus on Windows 7 in this post, Fences is compatible with XP and Vista as well.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

Download –

*Disclosure* – I am the Technology Evangelist for Stardock, the developers of this great application.


One response to “Organize Icons on the Windows 7 Desktop”

  1. Mike says :

    I like the new 7 taskbar and how you can scroll down a row to the next row of icons. I support users at a technical college and they have two monitors and some users just completely fill up their XP desktop and literally their icons fall of the screen and if you cut or move icons to a folder or network drive 10 more icons just appear out of nowhere and they are bleeding or on top of other icons.

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