Getting Ready for My Windows 7 Launch Party

A few days ago I received my confirmation to host a Windows 7 Launch Party.  I’m very excited and I’m now in the process of getting it all planned out.  If selected, you were given several options for a party theme and I ended up choosing the Family Friendly Fun theme.  I chose the 24th for my party, which also happens to be my birthday.  Hey, that is how we geeks roll!

9-28-2009 12-15-00 PM

They are using to coordinate the activities, but I’m going to use Windows Live Calendar and e-mail to coordinate most of my party.  I’m not quite sure what type of party supplies they are sending, so I’m anxiously awaiting that package to arrive.  Regardless, it’s going to a be a fun time to hang out with family and friends, and share tips and information about Windows 7. 

If you are hosting a Windows 7 party, what are you doing to prepare?


2 responses to “Getting Ready for My Windows 7 Launch Party”

  1. Greg says :

    I’m hosting a launch party in the Knoxville, TN area, and I’ve chosen Media Mania as my theme. I’ve been running a home network with Windows 7 Media Centers connected to every TV in the house, and I’m planning to showcase how we can easily listen to music, watch movies and recorded TV, and view pictures from the comfort of the couch. I plan on taking lots of pictures of the party guests throughout the evening, then loading them onto my home network (using my laptop in the kitchen), and sharing them with the Media Center in the living room so that guests will be able to see them during the party. I’ll also use the Media Center to provide background entertainment during the party.

  2. Ludwig J. says :

    My party uses the PhotoPalooza theme. Here are some of my preparations:1) Reserved a room at the senior center to accommodate my friends. I expect three to four dozen.2) Made a little video commercial – unfortunately uploading to the site only gets to "converting" then nothing.3) Plan to sent e-mails through the site.4) Plan to follow up with e-mails, written, and phone invitations.5) Will show guests by first name only – the world can see these sites!6) Plan on having soft drinks available.7) Plan on preparing "Windows cookies" – a recipe from my introduction to Vista classes, may find a way to improve the recipe for Windows 7.8) Have my computer ready with several short Powerpoint presentations.9) Plan on having good, checked-out scripts of demos…….

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