Essential List of Windows Live Writer Plug-ins

Windows Live Writer is just a fabulous application.  I really can’t say enough good things about it, and nearly every blogger and writer I know uses it to put their thoughts and know-how on the web.  WLW by itself is great, but as with many of Microsoft applications and services, it gets even better with enhancements such as plug-ins.  One of the best parts is, like Live Writer, the plug-ins are free as well!

There are well over a 100 plug-ins in the Live Gallery for Live Writer, but I want to share some of my personal favorites that I believe are essential for making the most out of your publishing.

  1. Flickr4Writer.  If you use Flickr and want an easy way to integrate your images into your posts, then look further.
  2. Twitter Notify.  This is an official Microsoft plug-in, and it will post to Twitter when you publish a new blog post.
  3. Social Bookmarking Tags.  This plug-in will place a variety of links of your choice to popular social networking sites making it simple for others to share.
  4. Insert Symbol Plugin.  If you ever find yourself needing to post symbols like a trademark symbol, this plug-in provides an easy to use interface to add them.

These are my favorites, and I recommend giving them a try if you aren’t already.  You can view the entire WLW extension gallery here, and let me know what plug-ins you use.

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