Fixing Locked Accounts in Windows Home Server

This is an issue I came across on my own Windows Home Server this past weekend, and I wanted to share the solution with others who might run across this problem.  My account on one of my PC’s was locked because the passwords did not match.  Once you account is locked you can still access your WHS through the Console, but you will not be able to connect to your shared folders and items like that.  Don’t worry though, the fix is easy.

First you will need to get access to your WHS desktop.  The best way is to remote in using Remote Desktop Connection.

In the Start Menu, right-click My Computer and select “Manage”.

10-19-2009 9-29-19 AM

This will open up the Computer Management window where you can access a variety of services.  For this problem, we need to look under System Tools>Local User and Groups>Users.

10-17-2009 2-35-53 PM

Once Users is selected you just need to find your username that is locked, and double-click that entry.  That will open the properties for that account, and the “account is locked” box will be active and checked.  Simply un-check and hit apply.  That should open the account back up.

10-17-2009 2-36-05 PM

All you have to do now is close your RDP session, and things should be back to normal.



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