The WinCustomize Community Holiday Suite 2009


A few months ago I thought it would be fun to get some of the community together and create a holiday suite that everyone could enjoy.  With the gracious help of a bunch of skinners, I’m happy to present the WC Community Holiday Suite 2009!

This was a group effort, and we want to give a special thanks to Xiandi who created the WindowBlinds skin, which led the way for the rest of the skins to be created. The entire suite, which was put together by Philly0381 includes a WB skin, wallpapers, .dreams, ObjectDock background, gadgets, DX theme, RightClick skin, CursorFX theme, screensaver, LogonStudio theme, and much more.  This is definitely a complete suite of which all the works are available for separate download.

Links to all the skins can be found below:



Once again, a big thanks to all who participated!

Xiandi, AzDude, Mirsguy, CarGuy1, ChaosMoth, RedneckDude, Philly0381, and to anyone I hope I didn’t forget.  🙂


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