My Top Windows Apps of 2009

Yes, it’s another “best of” 2009 article, but I think these are fun and useful to others who might discover a new app or game they haven’t heard of before.  20009 saw quite a few new and updated applications in all types of categories, including mobile.

This is my list of some of the most useful I found:

  • Jing Pro.  Jing Pro is very popular at Stardock.  It’s used for all types of things such as documenting errors, showing off cool stuff, and more in easy to record videos or images.   There is a free version, but I recommend the Pro version.
  • Fences.  No this is not a shameless plug, Fences has really made an incredible impact in peoples desktops all around the world.  If you need any type of organization on your desktop, grab Fences or Fences Pro.

1-4-2010 11-37-39 AM

  • Dropbox.  Is an online storage and sync service which can be used across PC, Mac, and mobile.  It integrates with Windows via Explorer, and is pretty seamless.  Great for syncing and sharing files.

1-4-2010 11-30-13 AM

  • Seesmic for Windows.  This is a new Twitter client for Windows, which is still in beta.  It has a great user interface, supports Twitter lists, and supports multiple accounts.

1-4-2010 11-37-04 AM

These are some of my favorites, so lets hear yours!

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