Multiple PC’s on Your Desktop? Try Multiplicity

Multiplicity is one of the most useful and productive apps around today, and I like to share stories on how users can use MP to get more work done, and easier.  To answer the question simply, it is because Multiplicity can make your work easier by eliminating the desktop clutter of multiple hardware, and by using the power of multiple PC’s with just one mouse/keyboard combination.

I was recently speaking with a guy who had a cool setup of three 24” widescreen monitors, each hooked up to their own PC.  Of course the mess comes in because there are also three sets of keyboards and mice on the desktop making much clutter on what otherwise would be a clean, functional desktop.  After showing a quick demo of Multiplicity they were sold, and the clutter on the desktop was eliminated and now they manage their media creation across three PC’s with just one mouse and keyboard.

If you have multiple-PC’s on your desktop, then I suggest giving Multiplicity a try, I’m confident you won’t be disappointed.

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