Looking for Another Cool App? Try Fences!

The latest Clubhouse Challenge asks users to try out some apps on their list, and to suggest some that you think should be included on their list of cool and useful apps for Windows.  It is a fine list so far, but I wanted to suggest an application that is very popular, and is very useful for any user running Windows – and that is Fences.


For anyone who likes to keep a tidy and clean desktop, this will probably become one of your most favorite apps to use.  It organizes your desktop icons by placing them into “fences” on your desktop.  Each of these Fences can be labeled so you can easily sort and group icons by product type, category, etc.  Fences can be placed pretty much anywhere on the desktop, and can be sized and shaped to fit your needs.


In the screenshot above, I have three Fences where I keep misc. stuff like links and notes, and two other Fences for blog projects and projects on WinCustomize.  You can add as many as your desktop can handle, and the cool part is by double-clicking the desktop you can make all the icons and Fences disappear.  When you need them to return, just double-click again!


Fences is absolutely free, but there is also a Pro version with enhanced features available as well.





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