Microsoft Tags Comes Out of Beta

Microsoft Tag was introduced about 18 months ago, and I thought it was a unique and interesting concept that could have a wide variety of uses especially in the marketing and social areas.    You can visit and “print” your own tag which when read with a Tag reader, can display text, link to a web page, import a contact, and more.  For instance, you can place a Tag on your business card and by using the reader on your mobile phone, they could instantly pull up your website or add your contact information to their contacts. 

Today’s news is that Microsoft has lifted Microsoft Tag out of beta with a free service along with plans for more advanced business users with value-added features.

These are some features mentioned on the Tag blog about the release:

  • A device ID feature will allow marketers to deliver a more personalized consumer experience across multiple Tags. For example, consumers can now receive customized content, such as a coupon or other offer from a retail outlet, based on Tags they’ve previously scanned
  • A new .tag file format will make it easier to print and manage a large number of different Tags as part of a broad campaign deployment. Developers of professional printing programs can now generate the Tag graphic on the fly as part of their solution
  • Tag has always been available worldwide and has been distributed and deployed globally. We have added localization in five new languages which include: French, Spanish, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Italian
  • And finally, we will be introducing a beta Heat Map feature in the next few days, available in the Tag Campaign Manager, that will help companies better measure Tag usage by location and make more informed decisions about their Tag campaigns and overall marketing spend

They also have a really nice reporting feature which can show you the number of scans for your Tags, and other relevant info.



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