Didn’t Find My Last PC, I Built It!

I really enjoyed the question of this months Clubhouse Challenge as it made me think of when I actually last found and bought my last desktop PC.  Thinking back, it really has been quite a few years since I bought a fully assembled PC to use.  After I built my first PC, there was really no going back to buying an off-the-shelf or configured PC from a major manufacturer.

Couple of reason why.

  1. Customer support and quality is horrible.  I’m the family and friends “IT guy”, and I can’t recall how many times someone’s name brand PC was turned to junk because of faulty and cheaply assembled motherboards and parts.  Watching them go back and forth with customer support only to be told in the end they couldn’t do anything because “it wasn’t their fault” was enough to decide never to buy like that again.  Building my own PC I know exactly what parts are in it, and if one fails I can easily replace it without having to worry about propriety cases or parts that cost an exorbitant amount of money just to get.
  2. Cost effective.  By taking the time and doing a bit of research I can find some fantastic deals on quality PC components.  Why pay an extra $100 for generic RAM when I can get quality for half the cost just by researching? 
  3. No bloatware.  Take a tour through pretty much any tech forum or social site and you will see countless complaints about the amount of bloatware installed on a “new” PC.  Some manufacturers even charge you just not to include it!  I get a clean copy of Windows, which I can install and reinstall anytime without tons of bloatware, and without having to use special “recovery discs”, just to install the operating system.  It might cost a bit more in the beginning for a copy of Windows, but it is well worth the time spent not uninstalling 20 applications you don’t need.

I’m really not trying to knock big PC manufacturers, but in my experience building your own PC is a rewarding task that I always recommend to anyone with at least a small amount of technical knowledge and understanding. 


One response to “Didn’t Find My Last PC, I Built It!”

  1. Custom says :

    Ditto..Ditto..Ditto well stated and good advice!

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