Surface Type Cover Makes the Difference

I received my Surface RT as a Christmas gift, and although I still need to write about my experience with it, I can say it’s a great device and I enjoy using it.  Mine came with the Touch Cover which I have been using, but today I went out and finally purchased the Type Cover, and what a difference this makes.  The Touch Cover isn’t bad, it’s just fine if you don’t do much typing or just use it for short updates like Twitter or Facebook posts.  I like to do much more than that, and I have been using my Surface more and more for writing blog posts and articles.  The Touch cover just didn’t work for mefor fast and accurate typing.

At $129 I was a bit hesitant and held off for a while.  I still think it’s a bit steep for a keyboard, but with some help from some Best Buy Reward certificates I was able to get it down to a more attractive price.  After using it for just a few hours, I am happy I invested in it.  It’s a bit thicker than the Touch Cover, but really doesn’t add much bulk when closed and the build quality seems high.  The keys are solid and smooth, and I’m able to type just as fast on this as my desktop keyboard.

If you do lots of typing on your Surface, than the Type Cover is what I recommend.  People who do light typing will most likely be fine with the Touch Cover, but if you’re not sure then visit a Microsoft retailer and try them out for yourself.


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